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Mr. Md Sharikur Rahman mainly works on traffic safety evaluation under connected and automated vehicle technologies. He has developed an algorithm for the management of market penetration rates of connected vehicles with the implementation of managed lane connected vehicle platooning on expressways focusing his Ph.D. dissertation. He also focused on machine learning/data mining techniques at macro-level crash risk in the completion of his Master of Science thesis at UCF. He has published some papers in top transportation journals such as Accident Analysis and Prevention and Transportation Research Record. He is now working on building a large-scale dynamic traffic assignment model in Orlando, Florida focusing on integrated pro-active traffic management strategies and decision support system. Mr. Md Sharikur has given multiple presentations introducing his research at Transportation Research Boarding Annual Meeting (TRB) for many times, and he is now the reviewer of the journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention, journal of Traffic Injury Prevention, journal of Traffic Safety and Security, and Transportation Research Record.